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'Of course it knows me, I was given this castle when Arthur was High King.' she smiles faintly at the thought. 'I do not know what use he thought I'd find for it, considering that at the time I was living with the Druids and we were very much nomadic. Tents, forests, different towns. Cities. Moving as we needed. Little more than furs for beds... but eventually, it became of use to me.'

Eventually most of the Druids had died out or been murdered by the endless flow of warriors that seemed to flow over the land, even after Arthur was naught but dust and spirit. She had settled in this place when she became with child the first time, and had made this place lost to everyone but her, and eventually her children.

The slight jolt when he touches her doesn't surprise her, there is always going to be magic in them both and that their magic, though of different sorts, reacts to each other is of no surprise. The castle is empty but for a few animals that wander around, but every surface sings of her magic. The castle taking care of itself, of her, with the magic she provided it.

'Where should we go?'

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