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'He did. And a lot of the land surrounding it... I visited every year, if only to attend to things that needed the land owners personal attention. But Arthur also paid someone to keep it safe for me... he only wanted what was best.' Her smile is sad, a little, when she speaks of Arthur and his concerns for her, his friendship. His love. 'Merlin didn't like it, but...' she shrugs and traces her spare hand along the cool stone wall as she walks.

'Arthur knew I would hear him whenever he called for me, that I would come... he need not have granted me such a grand home. But perhaps that is why, at least in part.' Even these days she could hear him when he reincarnated. When he realised who he was and whispered her name on the wind, and she couldn't not go to him. Couldn't stop herself from the urge, he meant just that much to her.

Morgana's spare hand moved from the stone to sit over Myrddin's on her wrist, a small sigh falling from her lips as she considers. 'Have you eaten?'

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