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'I don't suppose it'd be a good castle if it wasn't, though I'm almost surprised it survived Maeve and Ciaran... little terrors that they were when they were young.' she smiles when she mentions them, and it's happier, warmer. She laughs when he says his home is about the size of her hall, inclining her head slightly.

'Oh? I think I would go mad if I lived in a small place for long... I like space. Though, it was nicer when I still had servants. Less... quiet. Laughter in the kitchen, the laundry. In the stables. Though size of the home by no means makes it less in other ways...' she thinks about her other homes, some small, some equally grand... but this? This is the place she loves. This is the place she keeps from the sight of most. That hides a labyrinth of well loved yet wild gardens. That keeps so many important relics safe and books upon books that should have long ago fallen to pieces out of harms way. The taste of the sea that lingers on windy days.

'What would you like?'

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