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'Lets just say it's good their mother can fireproof an entire castle...' she says with more amusement than most would greet the idea of their children being able to set fire to their home with. 'Help them, yes... it's confusing when it's all new. Their powers grew, still do, as they aged. And so.' she shrugs slightly. She was never planning on letting her children go through all the pain and fear she did before she knew what she was. It would be cruel.

'The festivals, I still play my part in them. There are still those loyal to the Old Religion and though some of the events have been modified as years went on... well. The hunter needs his huntress come may eve. It is a privilege to do something that means something.' she smiles slightly at the mention of a wolfhound before stopping at a set of doors. Large enough, but not overly so. They open before she even reached out to the handles and she walks in, a sitting room, of a sort. One large ornate window giving light to the warm room.

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