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“Back then,” he smiles wryly over that modifier. “Seems as if that would be timeless.” He watches her expression change from warmth of speaking of her children to something distant as she talks of herself. “You were in the charge of a man who cared for you deeply and despised your nature. That would be difficult to make sense of, that mixture of message. And that there was magic around you, and that magic did not protect you…” he doesn’t quite finish that thought, but it is clear that he does not think well of that. He assumes again, the magic that was around her was in the Merlin she knows.

He remains standing, feeling the cold of his arm where her touch once was. Reading out he selects a strawberry coated in a very dark chocolate. Taking a bite he considers her question. “The urge to dance naked and jump through the fires is not limited to an evening that welcomes the growing season. It is something I actively work to suppress on a daily basis,” he smiles as he takes his second bite of strawberry.

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