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Everyone needs a castle to call their own...

Getting to the castle, for most people, was impossible. Even her Merlin couldn't find his way to where it lay by the sea in Cornwall. But with Morgana's help anyone that she wished could enter, and so she brought him to her castle. To the place she had called home for centuries, where she had raised her family, kept the treasures of the old world. Kept all the secrets of the old ways she could in case Avalon became lost to even her, eventually.

Morgana walked through the tall wooden doors of her great hall, the doors opening by themselves and showing, when they did, a room that looked both like she'd kept it this way since she had first gained the castle, well before it had become obvious to anyone but herself that she wasn't going to start ageing again any time soon. Great arched windows let Cornwall's cool grey light into the room decorated with tapestries and fine cloths, flowers here and there making the place seem a little more alive. A great hall befitting the Royal Court itself. There was a rug under foot, newer than most of the tapestries but still old... yet soft and warm to the touch. Enchanted to withstand the ages.

Slipping off her coat (which promptly floated off down a corridor of it's own accord) she turned to Myrddin, a slight smile curling her lips as she considered him.

'A castle is a castle is a castle... but it's home.' though, this was only the hall. There was much, much more to this place than the Great Hall.

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'Most people in this day and age live in relative safety, have access to medicines we could barely have dreamt of back then. Time are easier now, even if the wars grow more sinister.'

Uther, though, Uther was an entirely different subject and perhaps more complicated than even Morgana would willingly admit too. 'I wish it were that I could not, but I remember as though it were yesterday. Merlin did seem to wonder why I turned away from him, even after he poisoned me, held me while I was dying... I didn't know what he was. He sent me to the druids then forced me back because the idiot didn't have the wits about him to think that Uther just might take badly to his ward going missing. I wanted to stay. They were the only people that were like me that I knew... they felt like home. This was before he betrayed me and poisoned me, but it hurt to have some place, a people that were so close and so like me and then be denied their company.'

She smiles slightly, Beltaine is... Beltaine is when she truly is as close to being a Goddess as any human ever is, when she is her own, unchecked self. If only because higher magics than her own rule that night, and the participants within. 'I wouldn't know, I suppose, as I have never watched myself. Though Arthur did once say something to that effect.' and he had been her hunter more than once.